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ffmpeg / libavcodec / vp8.c @ 153da88d

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153da88d 07/20/2010 05:45 PM Diego Biurrun

Add some braces to silence the warning:
libavcodec/vp8.c:892: warning: suggest explicit braces to avoid ambiguous `else'

Originally committed as revision 24366 to svn://

3facfc99 07/19/2010 09:18 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Change function prototypes for width=8 inner and mbedge loopfilter functions
so that it does both U and V planes at the same time. This will have speed
advantages when using SSE2 (or higher) optimizations, since we can do both
the U and V rows together in a single xmm register....

9ac831c2 07/16/2010 07:20 AM David Conrad

vp8: Save mb border needed for intra prediction so that loop filter can run
immediately after a mb row is decoded

Originally committed as revision 24252 to svn://

b6c420ce 07/16/2010 07:20 AM David Conrad

vp8: Check for malloc failure

Originally committed as revision 24251 to svn://

e394953e 07/08/2010 03:01 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Add missing doxy for function arguments.

Originally committed as revision 24110 to svn://

5245c04d 07/02/2010 09:04 PM David Conrad

VP8: Move calculation of outer filter limit out of dsp functions for normal
filter to match the simple loop filter

Originally committed as revision 24010 to svn://

3fa76268 07/02/2010 11:44 AM Diego Biurrun

Avoid square brackets in Doxygen comments; Doxygen chokes on them.

Originally committed as revision 23979 to svn://

7ed06b2b 06/28/2010 04:04 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Simplify MV parsing, removes laying out 2 or 4 (16x8/8x8/8x16) MVs over all
16 subblocks (since we no longer need that), which should also lead to a
minor speedup.

Originally committed as revision 23854 to svn://

7c4dcf81 06/28/2010 01:50 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Optimize split MC, so we don't always do 4x4 blocks of 4x4pixels each, but
we apply them as 16x8/8x16/8x8 subblocks where possible. Since this allows
us to use width=8/16 instead of width=4 MC functions, we can now take more
advantage of SSE2/SSSE3 optimizations, leading to a total speedup for splitMV...

0ef1dbed 06/27/2010 01:46 AM David Conrad

VP8 bilinear filter

Originally committed as revision 23813 to svn://

92a54426 06/27/2010 12:37 AM Måns Rullgård

vp8: warn and request sample if upscaling specified in header

Originally committed as revision 23809 to svn://

d6f8476b 06/25/2010 06:14 PM Jason Garrett-Glaser

Make VP8 DSP functions take two strides
This isn't useful for the C functions, but will allow re-using H and V functions
for HV functions without adding separate H and V wrappers.

Originally committed as revision 23782 to svn://

03ac56e7 06/25/2010 04:23 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

fix typo in vp8 decoder error message

Originally committed as revision 23765 to svn://

8f910a56 06/23/2010 09:45 PM Stefan Gehrer

avoid conditional and division in chroma MV calculation

Originally committed as revision 23745 to svn://

3b636f21 06/22/2010 07:24 PM David Conrad

Native VP8 decoder.

Patch by David Conrad <lessen42 gmail com> and myself.

Originally committed as revision 23719 to svn://