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827d43bb 08/02/2010 08:18 PM Jason Garrett-Glaser

VP8: move zeroing of luma DC block into the WHT
Lets us do the zeroing in asm instead of C.
Also makes it consistent with the way the regular iDCT code does it.

Originally committed as revision 24668 to svn://

3ae079a3 07/23/2010 06:02 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

VP8: optimize DC-only chroma case in the same way as luma.
Add MMX idct_dc_add4uv function for this case.
~40% faster chroma idct.

Originally committed as revision 24455 to svn://

8a467b2d 07/23/2010 02:58 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

VP8: 30% faster idct_mb
Take shortcuts based on statistically common situations.
Add 4-at-a-time idct_dc function (mmx and sse2) since rows of 4 DC-only DCT
blocks are common.
TODO: tie this more directly into the MB mode, since the DC-level transform is
only used for non-splitmv blocks?...

c25c7767 07/23/2010 12:07 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

VP8: clear DCT blocks in iDCT instead of using clear_blocks.
~0.3% faster overall.

Originally committed as revision 24448 to svn://

3facfc99 07/19/2010 09:18 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Change function prototypes for width=8 inner and mbedge loopfilter functions
so that it does both U and V planes at the same time. This will have speed
advantages when using SSE2 (or higher) optimizations, since we can do both
the U and V rows together in a single xmm register....

5245c04d 07/02/2010 09:04 PM David Conrad

VP8: Move calculation of outer filter limit out of dsp functions for normal
filter to match the simple loop filter

Originally committed as revision 24010 to svn://

982fac73 06/29/2010 06:42 AM David Conrad

Altivec VP8 MC functions

Originally committed as revision 23884 to svn://

95275094 06/29/2010 04:34 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

Faster C VP8 normal inner loop filter

Originally committed as revision 23881 to svn://

9942b6a1 06/29/2010 03:34 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

Use crop table in C implementations of VP8 DSP functions.
Much faster VP8 C DSP functions; ~5-10% faster overall with asm off.

Originally committed as revision 23880 to svn://

a64fadf6 06/27/2010 11:25 PM Stefano Sabatini

Fix linking if MMX is disabled.

Originally committed as revision 23839 to svn://

0178d14f 06/27/2010 02:01 AM Jason Garrett-Glaser

First shot at VP8 optimizations:
- MMXEXT, SSE2 and SSSE3 MC functions
- MMX and SSE4 IDCT dc_add functions

Patch by Jason Garrett-Glaser <darkshikari gmail com> and myself.

Originally committed as revision 23815 to svn://

0ef1dbed 06/27/2010 01:46 AM David Conrad

VP8 bilinear filter

Originally committed as revision 23813 to svn://

15d31aa1 06/25/2010 07:03 PM Jason Garrett-Glaser

Really fix r23782

Originally committed as revision 23788 to svn://

cd29c2b5 06/25/2010 06:48 PM Jason Garrett-Glaser

Fix c99ism in r23782

Originally committed as revision 23786 to svn://

d6f8476b 06/25/2010 06:14 PM Jason Garrett-Glaser

Make VP8 DSP functions take two strides
This isn't useful for the C functions, but will allow re-using H and V functions
for HV functions without adding separate H and V wrappers.

Originally committed as revision 23782 to svn://

3b636f21 06/22/2010 07:24 PM David Conrad

Native VP8 decoder.

Patch by David Conrad <lessen42 gmail com> and myself.

Originally committed as revision 23719 to svn://