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ffmpeg / libavcodec / w32thread.c @ 043d2ff2

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043d2ff2 02/11/2011 01:54 AM Alexander Strange

Deprecate avcodec_thread_init()

As a side effect of the last commit, avcodec_open() now calls it automatically,
so there is no longer any need for clients to call it.
Instead they should set AVCodecContext.thread_count.

avcodec_thread_free() is deprecated, and will be removed from avcodec.h at the...

b38f008e 02/11/2011 01:53 AM Alexander Strange

Frame-based multithreading framework using pthreads

See doc/multithreading.txt for details on use in codecs.

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

4a287145 03/15/2010 02:03 PM Benoit Fouet

Remove avcodec_thread_execute from avcodec.h, and make static functions that
need it in *thread.c.

Originally committed as revision 22544 to svn://

9b066ecb 03/08/2010 12:58 PM Andreas Öman

w32thread: Make avcodec_thread_execute2() static here as well

Originally committed as revision 22325 to svn://

68cf92ee 01/20/2010 10:55 PM Måns Rullgård

Always call avcodec_thread_init()

The various avcodec_thread_init() functions are updated to return
immediately after setting avctx->thread_count. This allows -threads 0
to pass through to codecs. It also simplifies the usage for apps
using libavcodec....

9fe08942 11/20/2009 09:08 PM Reimar Döffinger

In win32 thread implementation do not access jobnr if the thread is asked
to terminate, jobnr it does not point to a valid location in that case.

Originally committed as revision 20565 to svn://

7537726f 10/13/2009 01:40 PM Reimar Döffinger

Implement execute2 for w32thread

Originally committed as revision 20225 to svn://

1e6ff470 10/13/2009 01:03 PM Reimar Döffinger

Fix w32thread implementation to handle job count > thread_count.

Originally committed as revision 20224 to svn://

51fdb6f0 08/12/2009 01:25 PM Shehzad Salim

Fix a memleak with win32 threads: the handle returned by _beginthreadex
must be closed (this differs from _beginthread).
Patch by Shehzad Salim (shehzadsalim gmail com)

Originally committed as revision 19633 to svn://

3a84713a 11/12/2008 05:47 PM Roman Shaposhnik

Making it easier to send arbitrary structures as work orders to MT workers

Originally committed as revision 15804 to svn://

5dea9409 03/07/2008 07:47 PM Ramiro Polla

__stdcall -> WINAPI
Windows x64 has no __stdcall.
It is not yet supported, but someday it might...

Originally committed as revision 12363 to svn://

5e4c7ca2 08/13/2007 03:28 PM Ramiro Polla

Add attribute that forces alignment of stack to functions that need it.
Necessary for systems that don't align by default to 16 bytes, required by some
SSE instructions.
Requires GCC >= 4.2.
Based on patch by Gaël Chardon.

Originally committed as revision 10106 to svn://

e5a389a1 07/05/2007 10:40 AM Diego Biurrun

license header consistency cosmetics

Originally committed as revision 9484 to svn://

755bfeab 06/12/2007 09:29 AM Diego Biurrun

misc spelling fixes

Originally committed as revision 9289 to svn://

2029f312 05/10/2007 09:00 AM Diego Biurrun

Remove redundant #inclusion of common.h, avcodec.h already #includes it.

Originally committed as revision 8967 to svn://

b78e7197 10/07/2006 03:30 PM Diego Biurrun

Change license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of 'this program/this library'
and fix GPL/LGPL version mismatches.

Originally committed as revision 6577 to svn://

5509bffa 01/12/2006 10:43 PM Diego Biurrun

Update licensing information: The FSF changed postal address.

Originally committed as revision 4842 to svn://

115329f1 12/17/2005 06:14 PM Diego Biurrun

COSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace.

Originally committed as revision 4749 to svn://

16806499 02/19/2004 08:29 PM Michael Niedermayer

w32threads by (Gildas Bazin <gbazin at altern dot org>)

Originally committed as revision 2803 to svn://