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ffmpeg / libavcodec / x86 / mathops.h @ 888fa31e

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2912e87a 03/19/2011 01:33 PM Mans Rullgard

Replace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

79414257 03/16/2011 12:49 AM Justin Ruggles

mathops: fix MULL when the compiler does not inline the function.

If the function is not inlined, an immmediate cannot be used for the
shift parameter, so the %cl register must be used instead in that case.

This fixes compilation for x86-32 using gcc with --disable-optimizations.

aaff3b31 03/15/2011 05:43 PM Justin Ruggles

mathops: change "g" constraint to "rm" in x86-32 version of MUL64.

The 1-arg imul instruction cannot take an immediate argument, only a register
or memory argument.

b181b8fb 03/15/2011 05:43 PM Justin Ruggles

mathops: convert MULL/MULH/MUL64 to inline functions rather than macros.

This fixes unexpected name collisions that were occurring with variables
declared within the macros.
It also fixes the fate-acodec-ac3_fixed regression test on x86-32.

22cb6fb6 05/11/2010 12:22 AM Michael Niedermayer

Adding missing () to mathops.h.

Originally committed as revision 23083 to svn://

5e46be96 02/17/2010 11:58 PM Måns Rullgård

Move NEG_[US]SR32 macros to mathops.h

Originally committed as revision 21873 to svn://

5e7dfb7d 01/20/2010 06:01 AM Måns Rullgård

Move COPY3_IF_LT to lavc/mathops.h

This obscure macro is only used in motion_est.c so having it in lavc
makes more sense. See discussion here:

Originally committed as revision 21346 to svn://

6166516d 02/08/2009 05:44 PM Loren Merritt

re-enable mid_pred asm on x86_64. (broke in r16681)

Originally committed as revision 17058 to svn://

199436b9 01/18/2009 10:57 PM Aurelien Jacobs

moves mid_pred() into mathops.h (with arch specific code split by directory)

Originally committed as revision 16681 to svn://

a6493a8f 12/22/2008 09:12 AM Diego Biurrun

Rename libavcodec/i386/ --> libavcodec/x86/.
It contains optimizations that are not specific to i386 and
libavutil uses this naming scheme already.

Originally committed as revision 16270 to svn://