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ffmpeg / libavcodec / x86 / mlpdsp.c @ 8b9b5e08

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989b7181 06/03/2009 11:48 PM Ramiro Polla

Use fewer macros in x86-optimized mlpdsp.
Fixes compilation on 32-bit llvm which didn't allow a cast in an m operand.

Originally committed as revision 19086 to svn://

7c4c60e5 05/25/2009 01:52 AM Ramiro Polla

mlp: Use LABEL_MANGLE() to export label symbols from inside asm block.

Originally committed as revision 18935 to svn://

5624766d 05/23/2009 12:23 AM Ramiro Polla

MLP DSP functions x86-optimized.
12.59% overall speedup in x86_32
9.98% overall speedup in x86_64
compared to gcc 4.3.3

Originally committed as revision 18903 to svn://