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ffmpeg / libavfilter / graphparser.h @ 9dd08b4e

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0802356c 06/01/2009 04:07 PM Stefano Sabatini

Remove the const qualifier for the name field of AVFilterInOut, since
it is meant to be freed.
Fix warnings.

Originally committed as revision 19072 to svn://

62c58bcc 05/22/2009 10:38 PM Stefano Sabatini

Fix grammar for avfilter_graph_parse() doxy.

Originally committed as revision 18900 to svn://

86a47378 02/26/2009 10:03 PM Stefano Sabatini

Rename avfilter_parse_graph() to avfilter_graph_parse(), for better
consistency with the rest of the API.

Originally committed as revision 17624 to svn://

175821c6 12/26/2008 10:48 AM Stefano Sabatini

Fix documentation for avfilter_parse_graph().

Originally committed as revision 16319 to svn://

98790382 08/31/2008 07:39 AM Stefano Sabatini

Globally rename the header inclusion guard names.

Consistently apply this rule: the guard name is obtained from the
filename by stripping the leading "lib", converting '/' and '.' to
'_' and uppercasing the resulting name. Guard names in the root
directory have to be prefixed by "FFMPEG_"....

e2b5fdaf 05/24/2008 08:42 PM Vitor Sessak

Split openLinks linked list into openInputs and openOutputs
Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-05-24 17:20:09

Originally committed as revision 13360 to svn://

8e74c889 05/24/2008 08:41 PM Vitor Sessak

Cosmetics: change function order
Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-05-24 12:46:27

Originally committed as revision 13340 to svn://

6a0c770b 05/24/2008 08:41 PM Vitor Sessak

Pass the inputs and outputs of avfilter_parse_graph() with a AVFilterInOut linked list
Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-04-23 20:40:49

Originally committed as revision 13338 to svn://

5cb9c725 05/24/2008 08:40 PM Vitor Sessak

Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-04-18 17:57:42

Originally committed as revision 13318 to svn://

03cea461 05/24/2008 08:39 PM Vitor Sessak

Make two variables const

Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-04-10 21:06:35

Originally committed as revision 13305 to svn://

d7ff2297 05/24/2008 08:39 PM Vitor Sessak

Use '[' and ']' for label naming
Commited in SoC by Vitor Sessak on 2008-04-06 19:02:56

Originally committed as revision 13297 to svn://

f0703f5d 05/24/2008 08:38 PM Vitor Sessak

Last commit was missing header file

Originally committed as revision 13286 to svn://