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2912e87a 03/19/2011 01:33 PM Mans Rullgard

Replace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

c8c0189d 02/21/2011 02:09 PM Stefano Sabatini

lavfi: put color source in a dedicated file

Move the color source code from vf_pad.c to vsrc_color.c.

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

5ad06110 02/21/2011 02:09 PM Stefano Sabatini

lavfi: add drawutils

Add drawutils.h and drawutils.c, and use them in the pad filter.
The new functions are going to be shared by other filters.

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

737eb597 02/15/2011 03:18 PM Reinhard Tartler

Merge libavcore into libavutil

It is pretty hopeless that other considerable projects will adopt
libavutil alone in other projects. Projects that need small footprint
are better off with more specialized libraries such as gnulib or rather
just copy the necessary parts that they need. With this in mind, nobody...

8bca3493 01/12/2011 04:40 PM Stefano Sabatini

In the pad filter, log information about the input size.

Originally committed as revision 26320 to svn://

e3331706 01/11/2011 11:53 PM Michael Niedermayer

Fix design of the pad filter.
Previously the pad filter just drawed borders in the surrounding of the input
without checking if this area was allocated or writeable. Now we check and
allocate a new buffer if the input is unsuitable.

Originally committed as revision 26315 to svn://

69057b70 01/05/2011 01:14 AM Baptiste Coudurier

In pad filter, update new ref w/h in start_frame, fix chaining

Originally committed as revision 26217 to svn://

3fa77bde 11/28/2010 10:22 AM Stefano Sabatini

In libavfilter, use consistently "Copyright (c)" in the license

Originally committed as revision 25838 to svn://

0985e1a3 11/17/2010 10:58 PM Aurelien Jacobs

move the av_parse_color() function from libavfilter to libavcore

Originally committed as revision 25761 to svn://

c71e9640 11/17/2010 01:03 AM Baptiste Coudurier

100L fix get_video_buffer in pad filter, get_video_buffer will store wrong values for w and h

Originally committed as revision 25759 to svn://

2722dd6e 11/13/2010 01:55 PM Aurelien Jacobs

improve av_parse_color() to allow for non-null terminated color string

Originally committed as revision 25744 to svn://

b9f9e59a 09/25/2010 11:27 PM Stefano Sabatini

Replace deprecated CODEC_TYPE_AUDIO and CODEC_TYPE_VIDEO with the
corresponding AVMEDIA_TYPE_* symbols.

Originally committed as revision 25201 to svn://

e16f217c 09/07/2010 07:15 PM Stefano Sabatini

Use new imgutils.h API names, fix deprecation warnings.

Originally committed as revision 25058 to svn://

cc80caff 08/11/2010 11:06 AM S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisunda...

Separate video specific BufferRef properties into VideoProps.

Define a new struct AVFilterBufferRefVideoProps and add a type field
to AVFilterBufferRef.

Video specific properties in AVFilterBufferRefVideoProps are now
referred to by *video pointer in AVFilterBufferRef....

5d4890d7 08/07/2010 01:15 AM S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisunda...

Rename fields:

AVFilterLink.srcpic -> AVFilterLink.src_buf
AVFilterLink.cur_pic -> AVFilterLink.cur_buf
AVFilterLink.outpic -> AVFilterLink.out_buf

The new names are more generic and more consistent, since the struct
they contain, which was named AVFilterPicRef, has been renamed to...

7fce481a 08/07/2010 01:15 AM S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisunda...

Rename functions and fields:

avfilter_(un)ref_pic -> avfilter_(un)ref_buffer
avfilter_copy_picref_props -> avfilter_copy_buffer_ref_props
AVFilterBufferRef.pic -> AVFilterBufferRef.buffer

They have been renamed to allow sharing with audio.

Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram $smeenaks$ucsd$edu$....

ecc8dada 08/07/2010 01:15 AM S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisunda...

Rename AVFilterPicRef to AVFilterBufferRef.

The struct is going to be used for storing audio buffer references as
well, and the new name is more generic.

Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram smeenaks@ucsd@edu.

Originally committed as revision 24730 to svn://

6ce9b431 08/06/2010 09:37 AM Stefano Sabatini

Remove use of the deprecated function avcodec_check_dimensions(), use
av_check_image_size() instead.

Originally committed as revision 24711 to svn://

126b638e 07/26/2010 11:12 PM Stefano Sabatini

Deprecate av_parse_video_frame_size() and av_parse_video_frame_rate()
in favor of the newly added corresponding functions
av_parse_video_size() and av_parse_video_rate() defined in

This change also adds a linking-time dependency of libavcodec and of...

23ccf3c7 07/17/2010 10:14 AM Stefano Sabatini

Add color source.

Originally committed as revision 24282 to svn://

d0b9b91b 07/06/2010 12:35 PM Måns Rullgård

vf_pad: restore use of _CCIR colourspace conversion macros

Originally committed as revision 24073 to svn://

1b364fd2 07/05/2010 10:33 PM Stefano Sabatini

Move shareable draw_rectangle() and query_formats function to the top
of the file, and put under #if CONFIG_PAD_FILTER the code specific to
the pad filter.

Simplify the inclusion of the color source.

Originally committed as revision 24067 to svn://

039baa78 07/05/2010 10:33 PM Stefano Sabatini

Factorize out some code and implement the fill_line_with_color()
function. Allow to share code with the pending color source.

Originally committed as revision 24066 to svn://

478b9d74 07/03/2010 07:41 PM Stefano Sabatini

Enhance pad filter command-line description.

Based on a patch by John Calcote .

Originally committed as revision 24030 to svn://

2b4abbd6 07/01/2010 06:49 PM Stefano Sabatini

Move colorspace.h from libavcodec to libavutil.
Avoid a compile-time dependency of the pad filter on libavcodec.

Originally committed as revision 23940 to svn://

2e79db01 06/30/2010 11:52 PM Stefano Sabatini

Set pad description with NULL_IF_CONFIG_SMALL(), consistent with the
other filters.

Originally committed as revision 23923 to svn://

a74f893b 06/30/2010 11:52 PM Stefano Sabatini

Improve description for the pad filter.

Originally committed as revision 23922 to svn://

aeaa9630 05/13/2010 06:26 PM Stefano Sabatini

Remove the name of the file from the @file doxy, it is unnecessary and
inconsistent with the other files.

Originally committed as revision 23122 to svn://

622e6ce5 05/13/2010 06:26 PM Stefano Sabatini

Make the init and config_filter callbacks of the pad filter return
AVERROR rather than -1 in case of invalid parameters.

Originally committed as revision 23121 to svn://

2c2b2c0a 05/11/2010 05:39 PM Baptiste Coudurier

silence gcc warning about potential uninitialized usage

Originally committed as revision 23093 to svn://

f66b3905 05/07/2010 05:53 PM Måns Rullgård

vf_pad: fix mixed code and declarations

Originally committed as revision 23054 to svn://

3c940173 05/07/2010 11:47 AM Michael Niedermayer

Add pad filter.

Originally committed as revision 23046 to svn://