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35fe66ab 05/01/2011 11:10 AM Stefano Sabatini

lavfi: rename AVFilterBufferRefVideoProps.pixel_aspect to sample_aspect_ratio

Improve consistency with libavcodec.

This breaks libavfilter API/ABI.

The non-sequential 2.1.0 -> 2.4.0 bump is due to the mess previously
done with the lavfi minor number.

7ffe76e5 02/16/2011 10:00 PM Reinhard Tartler

Merge libavcore into libavutil

Done to keep ABI compatible. Otherwise this is just silly

14b171cd 01/31/2011 08:32 PM Michael Niedermayer

Add sample_aspect_ratio to AVFilterLink

3fa77bde 11/28/2010 10:22 AM Stefano Sabatini

In libavfilter, use consistently "Copyright (c)" in the license

Originally committed as revision 25838 to svn://

43945b27 10/18/2010 09:29 PM Stefano Sabatini

Add transpose filter.

Originally committed as revision 25525 to svn://