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ffmpeg / libavfilter / vf_yadif.c @ 4b9c03b7

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eb79c528 04/05/2011 01:21 AM Michael Niedermayer

Update yadif copyright header
Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>

de0f445b 04/05/2011 01:21 AM James Darnley

Factorise the C filtering in yadif

2657fd0c 04/05/2011 01:21 AM Michael Niedermayer

Yadif fixes that where missing from the patch
Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>

457be696 04/05/2011 01:21 AM James Darnley

Support 16-bit in yadif

257ac5f1 04/05/2011 01:21 AM James Darnley

support more than yuv420p in yadif

(and correctly support grey8)

679191a5 04/02/2011 06:27 PM Michael Niedermayer

yadif:Fix assert() failure

Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>

49e617f9 03/08/2011 01:08 AM Mans Rullgard

yadif: add parens around macro parameters

This fixes compilation with preprocessors which do not add whitespace
around replaced tokens, resulting in invalid expressions like 1--1.

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

02d08035 02/18/2011 06:39 PM Michael Niedermayer

Reduce picture size for yadif.
Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>

bad82d3d 02/18/2011 06:39 PM Michael Niedermayer

Change yadif to not use out of picture lines.
Fixes issue2272.

Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>

a51c71bb 01/15/2011 12:32 AM Baptiste Coudurier

In yadif filter, default to top field first if interlacing is unknown

Originally committed as revision 26347 to svn://

1ef64490 12/04/2010 05:23 AM Baptiste Coudurier

yadif sse2/ssse3 optimizations

Originally committed as revision 25874 to svn://

902d49ee 11/22/2010 08:42 PM Baptiste Coudurier

In yadif filter, copy video props to output picture.
Fix issue #2269.
Interpolate pts for the second frame when using field output mode.

Originally committed as revision 25798 to svn://

236f7948 09/27/2010 09:48 PM Aurelien Jacobs

merge #if with if()

Originally committed as revision 25233 to svn://

536e229a 09/26/2010 10:37 PM Måns Rullgård

yadif: remove unnecessary #include

Originally committed as revision 25215 to svn://

b0f65613 09/26/2010 11:09 AM Stefano Sabatini

Cosmetics: fix style nits.

Originally committed as revision 25207 to svn://

48f7f29f 09/26/2010 12:56 AM Baptiste Coudurier

In yadif filter, use current frame when previous is missing,
better results for the first frame

Originally committed as revision 25202 to svn://

96a1459e 09/25/2010 04:54 PM Michael Niedermayer

Fix 0 vs 1 porting bug from mplayer.

Originally committed as revision 25197 to svn://

acbac567 09/25/2010 04:43 PM Michael Niedermayer

yadif filter, based on stefanos port of my yadif from mplayer.
Compared to stefanos, 2 frame output works with ffplay.

Originally committed as revision 25196 to svn://