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ffmpeg / libavformat / aiffdec.c @ 72415b2a

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72415b2a 03/30/2010 11:30 PM Stefano Sabatini

Define AVMediaType enum, and use it instead of enum CodecType, which
is deprecated and will be dropped at the next major bump.

Originally committed as revision 22735 to svn://

12ad6671 12/13/2009 08:27 PM Michael Niedermayer

Use AV_METADATA_DONT_STRDUP* / use av_malloced metadata instead of strduped
arrays of fixed length.
Code from ffmbc with changes to adapt to our metadata API.

Originally committed as revision 20836 to svn://

cea65433 11/30/2009 10:01 PM Vitor Sessak

decode qcelp in aiff, implement #1524, patch by Vitor

Originally committed as revision 20674 to svn://

5855e4e0 10/15/2009 09:46 AM Justin Ruggles

Rename aiff.c to aiffdec.c

Originally committed as revision 20235 to svn://