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ffmpeg / libavformat / audiointerleave.h @ 333e8943

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2912e87a 03/19/2011 01:33 PM Mans Rullgard

Replace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

101e1f6f 01/25/2011 08:48 PM Diego Elio Pettenò

Make ff_interleave_compare_dts static to utils.c.

Signed-off-by: Janne Grunau <>

41dd680d 03/08/2009 02:16 PM Michael Niedermayer

Allocate AVFifoBuffer through the fifo API to reduce future API/ABI issues.
Yes this breaks ABI/API but ive already broken it and will bump avutil major

Originally committed as revision 17869 to svn://

16e3b0b3 02/09/2009 09:34 PM Baptiste Coudurier

rename ff_audio_interleave to ff_audio_rechunk_interleave

Originally committed as revision 17103 to svn://

fbd7ddf4 02/08/2009 11:34 PM Diego Biurrun

cosmetics: typo/grammar fixes in doxygen and other comments

Originally committed as revision 17085 to svn://

18099ade 02/08/2009 09:09 PM Baptiste Coudurier

Declare ff_interleave_new_audio_packet as static, it is not used
outside of audiointerleave.c. Also remove the function declaration
from the header as it is now static.

Originally committed as revision 17068 to svn://

94027d3b 02/08/2009 09:08 PM Baptiste Coudurier

document ff_audio_interleave

Originally committed as revision 17066 to svn://

f1544e79 02/08/2009 04:31 AM Baptiste Coudurier

extract audio interleaving code from mxf muxer, will be used by gxf and dv

Originally committed as revision 17038 to svn://