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ffmpeg / libavformat / c93.c @ 19f4ceca

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87e87886 04/08/2007 11:34 AM Michael Niedermayer

allocate 32 extra bytes at the end of the probe buffer and remove most probe buf_size checks

Originally committed as revision 8677 to svn://

f118d254 04/08/2007 09:50 AM Michael Niedermayer

also remove c93_ prefix for static function in the c93 demuxer

Originally committed as revision 8676 to svn://

9a0ddd09 04/07/2007 02:25 PM Anssi Hannula

Interplay C93 demuxer and video decoder
patch by Anssi Hannula, anssi.hannula gmail com

Originally committed as revision 8643 to svn://