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4fa1c4fa 10/01/2003 11:34 PM Roman Shaposhnik
  • preAlpha DV encoding support -- there's still a truckload
    of work to do, but it least people can try it out and share
    ideas. Please don't hesitate to give it a spin:

    $ ffmpeg -i file.avi file.dv

    is all you need.
    • fix for a deallocation bug in DV muxer...
7458ccbb 09/29/2003 05:54 PM Roman Shaposhnik
  • DV handling was streamlined for both muxing/demuxing and
    decoding. All muxing/demuxing functionality is now available
    in libavformat/dv.[ch].
    • dv1394.c and avidec.c were hooked up with general DV demuxer.
    • DVAUDIO is dead! Long live pcm_s16le!...
49057904 09/10/2003 10:37 PM Fabrice Bellard

64 bit pts for writing - more const usage

Originally committed as revision 2255 to svn://

118e91f3 08/28/2003 07:53 PM Roman Shaposhnik
  • Phase 1 for DV encoding support. Muxing/demuxing of DV streams is now
    possible. For example you can do:

    ffmpeg -i i.dv -i audio_track.mp3 -map 0.0 -map 1.0 \
    -vcodec copy -acodec pcm_s16le out.dv

    • Preparations for getting rid of DVAUDIO codec, DV stream really...
e738cee9 04/23/2003 02:04 AM Roman Shaposhnik

Complete support for OpenDML AVIs and AVIs > 2Gb.

Originally committed as revision 1814 to svn://

3e2937be 04/08/2003 09:56 AM Roman Shaposhnik

dv file format support patch by (Roman Shaposhnick <rvs at sun dot com>)

Originally committed as revision 1742 to svn://

6aafe463 04/04/2003 01:45 PM Michael Niedermayer

support for DV aspect ratio and erroneous audio patch by (Dan Dennedy (dan at dennedy dot org) and Roman Shaposhnick <rvs at sun dot com>)

Originally committed as revision 1731 to svn://

ec820113 02/06/2003 10:34 PM Fabrice Bellard

DV packet copy fix by Roman Shaposhnick

Originally committed as revision 1548 to svn://

425ed6e2 01/27/2003 09:21 AM Fabrice Bellard

DV audio decoder by Roman Shaposhnick

Originally committed as revision 1514 to svn://

2a6874fd 01/23/2003 09:52 AM Fabrice Bellard

removed warnings

Originally committed as revision 1496 to svn://

abac6175 11/25/2002 07:07 PM Fabrice Bellard

renamed libav to libavformat

Originally committed as revision 1276 to svn://