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ffmpeg / libavformat / librtmp.c @ da9e6c42

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27241cbf 06/01/2010 07:46 AM Martin Storsjö

Declare the url_write buffer parameter as const

Originally committed as revision 23401 to svn://

ba87f080 04/20/2010 02:45 PM Diego Biurrun

Remove explicit filename from Doxygen @file commands.

Passing an explicit filename to this command is only necessary if the
documentation in the @file block refers to a file different from the
one the block resides in.

Originally committed as revision 22921 to svn://

fc8fa007 04/18/2010 07:09 PM Howard Chu

Implement librtmp seek support.

Implement flv_read_seek(), add a missing check on stream_index
and fix timestamp rounding in rtmp_read_seek().

Also add the flv_read_seek2() function, which is not enabled but is
useful as reference.
To actually implement flv_read_seek2() correctly, there would need to...

d79fc840 04/18/2010 07:09 PM Stefano Sabatini


AVERROR_NOTSUPP is (maybe) going to be deprecated.

Originally committed as revision 22903 to svn://

19c9eedc 04/13/2010 10:11 PM Howard Chu

Plug librtmp logging into av_log.
patch by Howard Chu, hyc highlandsun com

Originally committed as revision 22875 to svn://

fc122efd 04/13/2010 10:08 PM Diego Biurrun

whitespace cosmetics

Originally committed as revision 22874 to svn://

0f943ce6 03/28/2010 01:39 PM Howard Chu

Implement support to RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE, RTMPS protocols via

Patch by Howard Chu <hyc * highlandsun * com>.

Originally committed as revision 22710 to svn://