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ffmpeg / libavformat / movenchint.c @ 333e8943

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403ee835 04/03/2011 08:47 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: make url_open_dyn_packet_buf internal.

It doesn't look fit to be a part of the public API.

Adding a temporary hack to ffserver to be able to use it, should be
cleaned up when somebody is up for it.

6dc7d80d 04/03/2011 08:47 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: avio_ prefix for url_close_dyn_buf

b92c5452 04/03/2011 08:46 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: avio_ prefix for url_open_dyn_buf

2912e87a 03/19/2011 01:33 PM Mans Rullgard

Replace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

a2704c97 03/04/2011 04:26 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: add avio_tell macro as a replacement for url_ftell

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

6b4aa5da 03/01/2011 05:12 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: avio_ prefix for url_fseek

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

77eb5504 02/21/2011 07:25 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: avio: avio_ prefixes for put_* functions

In the name of consistency:
put_byte -> avio_w8
put_<type> -> avio_w<type>
put_buffer -> avio_write

put_nbyte will be made private
put_tag will be merged with avio_put_str

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

ae628ec1 02/20/2011 01:37 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: rename ByteIOContext to AVIOContext.

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

610219a5 02/16/2011 11:39 PM Anton Khirnov

lavf: add av_ prefix to dump_format()

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

5306bf41 02/04/2011 04:42 PM Martin Storsjö

movenchint: Use rtpenc_chain for setting up the chained RTP muxer

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

b22dbb29 02/04/2011 04:39 PM Martin Storsjö

Use avformat_free_context for cleaning up muxers

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

1338dc08 02/04/2011 04:28 PM Martin Storsjö

libavformat: Use avcodec_copy_context for chained muxers

This avoids having the chained AVStream->codec point to the same
AVCodecContext owned by the outer AVStream. The downside is that
changes to the AVCodecContext made after calling av_write_header
cannot be detected automatically within the chained muxer....

ce41c51b 02/03/2011 12:03 AM Martin Storsjö

Free AVStream->info in chained muxers

This fixes memory leaks in the RTSP muxer and RTP hinting in the
mov muxer present since SVN rev 25418.

Signed-off-by: Luca Barbato <>

648e41b3 05/21/2010 07:08 AM Martin Storsjö

Take ff_write_chained in use in the mov rtp hinter and in the rtsp muxer

Originally committed as revision 23208 to svn://

44bf251a 05/18/2010 07:48 PM Martin Storsjö

Use a heuristic for describing the RTP packets using sample data

Originally committed as revision 23165 to svn://

e977af6f 05/18/2010 07:47 PM Martin Storsjö

Add initial support for RTP hinting in the mov muxer

Originally committed as revision 23164 to svn://