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ffmpeg / libavformat / mvi.c @ 6a8c8b36

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dd1c8f3e 09/08/2008 02:24 PM Luca Abeni

Bump Major version, this commit is almost just renaming bits_per_sample to
bits_per_coded_sample but that cannot be done seperately.
Patch by Luca Abeni
Also reset the minor version and fix the forgotton change to libfaad.
Note: The API/ABI should not be considered stable yet, there still may...

5b8cc860 07/10/2008 03:02 AM Gregory Montoir

Motion Pixels MVI Demuxer.
Patch by Gregory Montoir <cyx <at> users <dot> sourceforge <dot> net>

Originally committed as revision 14147 to svn://