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ffmpeg / libavformat / rtpdec.c @ d88812a9

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245976da 05/09/2008 11:56 AM Diego Biurrun

Use full path for #includes from another directory.

Originally committed as revision 13098 to svn://

bd107136 03/15/2008 04:15 PM Diego Biurrun

typo fixes

Originally committed as revision 12449 to svn://

f841a0fc 01/18/2008 08:48 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Add a flags field to the RTPDynamicPayloadPacketHandlerProc (PKT_FLAG_*).
This can be used later by RDT to get the flags from the RTP packet and
use that for the RealMedia packet (such as whether this RTP packet
represents a keyframe or not). For discussion, see "[PATCH] Realmedia...

f739b36d 01/10/2008 01:54 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Reindent after r11493 (always use parse_packet() vfunc in rtp_parse_packet()),
see "[PATCH] Realmedia / RTSP (RDT)" thread on ML.

Originally committed as revision 11494 to svn://

b4e3330c 01/10/2008 01:52 PM Ronald S. Bultje

Make rtp_parse_packet() always call the vfunc of the dynamic payload handler
if there is one. See "[PATCH] Realmedia / RTSP (RDT)" thread on ML.

Originally committed as revision 11493 to svn://

8eb793c4 01/04/2008 07:33 PM Luca Abeni

Split the RTP demuxing functions out of rtp.c, to simplify the RTP muxer's dependencies

Originally committed as revision 11406 to svn://