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ffmpeg / libavformat / sgi.c @ 3ba1438d

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44f110f5 04/10/2004 03:09 PM Mike Melanson

patch courtesy of Todd Kirby:

  • Fixes a small memory leak in read_rle_sgi()
  • Remove temp buffer in read_rle_sgi(). Write rle data directly to image
  • Adds sanity check to read_rle_sgi() to insure decoded rle data row
    equals image width.

Originally committed as revision 2993 to svn://

3a278992 03/14/2004 04:04 AM Mike Melanson

remove numerous definitions of BE_*/LE_* macros; convert FOURCC_TAG ->

Originally committed as revision 2886 to svn://

6a91ec51 03/13/2004 05:30 PM Mike Melanson

added SGI image format, encoding and decoding, courtesy of Todd Kirby

Originally committed as revision 2876 to svn://