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ffmpeg / libavformat / sierravmd.c @ 34f633df

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36013037 02/04/2005 06:58 PM Michael Niedermayer

fixing an integer overflow, which could lead to overwriting the end of a malloced buffer by 8 bytes

Originally committed as revision 3937 to svn://

3a615bb5 02/04/2005 03:38 AM Kostya Shishkov

VMD playing error patch by (Kostya (cannonball bw-team com>)
"I recently got a game called Lighthouse from Sierra with FMV in VMD
format. Some of them played OK, some of them FFmpeg refused to open,
some caused a crash.

I investigated files which couldn't be opened by FFmpeg and it appeared...

0bd586c5 06/19/2004 03:59 AM Mike Melanson

sweeping change from -EIO -> AVERROR_IO

Originally committed as revision 3239 to svn://

9ee91c2f 05/21/2004 08:43 PM Michael Niedermayer

move time_base (pts_num/pts_den) from AVFormatContext -> AVStream

Originally committed as revision 3148 to svn://

23fe14bb 03/14/2004 04:08 AM Mike Melanson

minor VMD system update; still not perfect, but should not crash either

Originally committed as revision 2887 to svn://

a7eb3c8d 01/02/2004 04:47 AM Mike Melanson

initial commit for Sierra VMD file demuxer

Originally committed as revision 2653 to svn://