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ffmpeg / libavformat / tta.c @ 333e8943

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2912e87a 03/19/2011 01:33 PM Mans Rullgard

Replace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

45a8a02a 03/17/2011 02:24 AM Anton Khirnov

lavf: replace avio_seek(SEEK_CUR) with avio_skip where it makes sense

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

a2704c97 03/04/2011 04:26 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: add avio_tell macro as a replacement for url_ftell

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

e356fc57 03/01/2011 05:22 PM Anton Khirnov

lavf: replace all uses of url_fskip with avio_seek

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

6b4aa5da 03/01/2011 05:12 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: avio_ prefix for url_fseek

Signed-off-by: Ronald S. Bultje <>

b7effd4e 02/21/2011 04:23 PM Anton Khirnov

avio: avio_ prefixes for get_* functions

In the name of consistency:
get_byte -> avio_r8
get_<type> -> avio_r<type>
get_buffer -> avio_read

get_partial_buffer will be made private later

get_strz is left out becase I want to change it later to return...

c6610a21 01/26/2011 10:10 PM Diego Elio Pettenò

Prefix all _demuxer, _muxer, _protocol from libavformat and libavdevice.

This also lists the objects from those two libraries as internal (by adding
the ff_ prefix) so that they can then be hidden via linker scripts.

6612d8cf 10/06/2010 08:21 PM Reimar Döffinger

Move handling of ID3v2 to common utils.c code, reducing code duplication
and supporting it for more formats, fixing issue 2258.

Originally committed as revision 25378 to svn://

3a1350e8 06/11/2010 01:44 PM Michael Karcher

Generalize ID3v2 functions to support ID3v2-like ID headers with a
different magic in the header (mainly targeted to Sony's .oma/.aa3

Patch by Michael Karcher, ffmpeg A mkarcher dialup fu-berlin de

Originally committed as revision 23583 to svn://

72415b2a 03/30/2010 11:30 PM Stefano Sabatini

Define AVMediaType enum, and use it instead of enum CodecType, which
is deprecated and will be dropped at the next major bump.

Originally committed as revision 22735 to svn://

8993535c 12/17/2009 01:05 PM Jai Menon

10l : make sure probe buffer is large enough.

Originally committed as revision 20889 to svn://

22ff3361 12/16/2009 07:18 PM Jai Menon

Parse ID3v12 metadata from TTA files.
As a side-effect, this commit also fixes issue 1310.

Originally committed as revision 20886 to svn://

9106a698 04/13/2009 04:20 PM Stefano Sabatini

Rename bitstream.h to get_bits.h.

Originally committed as revision 18494 to svn://

2bb6eba2 01/17/2009 12:21 PM Aurelien Jacobs

remove ff_get_fourcc() and use AV_RL32() instead

Originally committed as revision 16654 to svn://

dd1c8f3e 09/08/2008 02:24 PM Luca Abeni

Bump Major version, this commit is almost just renaming bits_per_sample to
bits_per_coded_sample but that cannot be done seperately.
Patch by Luca Abeni
Also reset the minor version and fix the forgotton change to libfaad.
Note: The API/ABI should not be considered stable yet, there still may...

bde15e74 06/03/2008 04:20 PM Stefano Sabatini

Make long_names in lavf/lavdev optional depending on CONFIG_SMALL.
patch by Stefano Sabatini, stefano.sabatini-lala
along with some spelling/consistency fixes for the long names by me

Originally committed as revision 13649 to svn://

245976da 05/09/2008 11:56 AM Diego Biurrun

Use full path for #includes from another directory.

Originally committed as revision 13098 to svn://

899681cd 11/21/2007 07:41 AM Björn Axelsson

Use dynamically allocated ByteIOContext in AVFormatContext

patch by: Björn Axelsson, bjorn d axelsson a intinor d se
thread: [PATCH] Remove static ByteIOContexts, 06 nov 2007

Originally committed as revision 11071 to svn://

160ab30f 08/11/2007 10:45 PM David Conrad

Set dts in tta demuxer

Originally committed as revision 10077 to svn://

769e10f0 07/19/2007 03:21 PM Panagiotis Issaris

Replace all occurrences of AVERROR_NOMEM with AVERROR.

Originally committed as revision 9759 to svn://

e5a389a1 07/05/2007 10:40 AM Diego Biurrun

license header consistency cosmetics

Originally committed as revision 9484 to svn://

70fa2486 04/25/2007 11:22 PM David Conrad

Support for seeking in TTA files.

Originally committed as revision 8820 to svn://

756fb7fe 04/22/2007 12:50 AM David Conrad

Change from using a seek table internal to the TTA demuxer to using the standard lavf index.

Originally committed as revision 8780 to svn://

87e87886 04/08/2007 11:34 AM Michael Niedermayer

allocate 32 extra bytes at the end of the probe buffer and remove most probe buf_size checks

Originally committed as revision 8677 to svn://

30a1380a 03/31/2007 11:48 AM Diego Biurrun

cosmetics: Fix indentation.

Originally committed as revision 8565 to svn://

09a62866 03/30/2007 10:10 PM Michael Niedermayer

argh, who commited this trash
start must be 0 ...

Originally committed as revision 8563 to svn://

dc417a6e 03/30/2007 09:59 PM Michael Niedermayer

10^10l to the idiot who designed this format and didnt even realize what number he used

Originally committed as revision 8562 to svn://

b78e7197 10/07/2006 03:30 PM Diego Biurrun

Change license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of 'this program/this library'
and fix GPL/LGPL version mismatches.

Originally committed as revision 6577 to svn://

51ebd136 08/28/2006 06:53 PM Aurelien Jacobs

ALT_BITSTREAM_READER_LE is obviously not needed for the tta demuxer, as there was a typo in the define

Originally committed as revision 6119 to svn://

538389c9 07/26/2006 01:12 AM Diego Biurrun

Fix FSF postal address.

Originally committed as revision 5829 to svn://

ff70e601 07/10/2006 09:14 PM Måns Rullgård

allow individual selection of muxers and demuxers

Originally committed as revision 5707 to svn://

d2a067d1 07/09/2006 11:40 PM Måns Rullgård

give AVInput/OutputFormat structs consistent names

Originally committed as revision 5697 to svn://

a443a253 05/13/2006 11:37 AM Michael Niedermayer

sanity checks some might have been exploitable

Originally committed as revision 5370 to svn://

aa11db2f 02/13/2006 12:05 PM Alex Beregszaszi

10l, allocate bitbuffer with regard to the padding size

Originally committed as revision 5014 to svn://

aafaeabb 02/12/2006 02:18 AM Alex Beregszaszi

tta demuxer, also usable for moving tta audio data into an other container

Originally committed as revision 4997 to svn://