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3cd52279 11/01/2006 06:34 PM Diego Biurrun

Use common define for x86_32 and x86_64.

Originally committed as revision 6859 to svn://

419b8784 11/01/2006 05:01 PM Diego Biurrun

Add ARCH_X86_32 as a new define for 32 bit x86 architectures and change
the semantics of ARCH_X86 to mean both 32 and 64 bits.

Originally committed as revision 6852 to svn://

94e4c3a3 10/20/2006 05:53 PM Guillaume Poirier

Protect code that uses CMOV instructions with HAVE_CMOV,
Make configure set CMOV_IS_FAST on arches on which cmov has a low latency
(typically non-Netburst based processor)

Originally committed as revision 6749 to svn://

b78e7197 10/07/2006 03:30 PM Diego Biurrun

Change license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of 'this program/this library'
and fix GPL/LGPL version mismatches.

Originally committed as revision 6577 to svn://

eeebe6ad 09/28/2006 08:04 AM Siarhei Siamashka

add FASTDIV macro for ARM. Reported speed-up on MPEG-4 decoding: 1.8%
Patch by Siarhei Siamashka siarhei P siamashka A gmail P com
Original thread:
Date: Sep 28, 2006 2:26 AM
Subject: [Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] ARM implementation of FASTDIV

Originally committed as revision 6366 to svn://

04d7f601 09/10/2006 02:02 PM Diego Biurrun

Add official LGPL license headers to the files that were missing them.

Originally committed as revision 6219 to svn://

af0ad8f0 09/07/2006 01:42 PM Panagiotis Issaris

Remove unused defines, patch by takis P issaris A uhasselt P be
Original thread:
Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Remove unused internal macros
Sep 7 2006, 14:05

Originally committed as revision 6188 to svn://

f4bd289a 08/18/2006 01:38 PM Diego Biurrun

Explicitly include fastmemcpy.h from libvo/.

Originally committed as revision 6021 to svn://

aab77159 07/21/2006 07:36 PM Reimar Döffinger

do not include bswap.h in common.h for external programs, since the former
is not installed currently.

Originally committed as revision 5809 to svn://

05020c89 07/16/2006 04:32 PM Reimar Döffinger

Split common.h in two parts, purely internal stuff (internal.h) and things
available to external programs as well.
Also make more things available to external programs like GET_UTF8, MKTAG etc.

Originally committed as revision 5765 to svn://