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8a322796 07/04/2008 01:49 PM Diego Biurrun

spelling/grammar/wording overhaul

Originally committed as revision 27190 to svn://

4bdc44c7 07/04/2008 01:14 PM Diego Biurrun

whitespace cosmetics

Originally committed as revision 27188 to svn://

d2a4ecaf 02/16/2008 03:17 PM Mike Frysinger

FLAT objects cannot have multiple sections, so using the L1 attributes breaks
linking. The FDPIC relocs also break for any other format. Thus check the
compiler environment and select the appropriate sections/relocs.
patch by Mike Frysinger, vapier.adi a gmail d com...

f1cc49a6 02/13/2008 09:07 AM Diego Biurrun


Originally committed as revision 25991 to svn://

4055d271 07/20/2007 12:09 AM Marc Hoffman

adding blackfin optimized yuyvtoyv12 converter

Originally committed as revision 23831 to svn://

69a6db95 06/22/2007 12:14 AM Marc Hoffman

document pointer offset by -8

Originally committed as revision 23603 to svn://

e9d4375f 06/22/2007 12:12 AM Marc Hoffman

re pipeline loop, to eliminate extra chroma reads

Originally committed as revision 23602 to svn://

45eeae39 06/22/2007 12:07 AM Marc Hoffman

correct chroma skewing bug, caused by incorrect stride adjustments

Originally committed as revision 23601 to svn://

22a11d57 06/05/2007 01:18 PM Marc Hoffman

correcting spelling error, yuv2rgb888_line was renamed to yuv2rgb24_line

Originally committed as revision 23472 to svn://

bf4a90fc 05/19/2007 12:57 PM Marc Hoffman

Blackfin optimized uyvytoyv12 routine. the implementation includes chroma averaging.
This is 10x faster than the cooresponding C function.

Originally committed as revision 23345 to svn://

d3f3eea9 05/13/2007 07:22 PM Marc Hoffman

Blackfin optimized YUV420 to RGB CSC Color Space Converters.
YUV2 -> RGB BGR for 565, 555 and 888 a.k.a. 24bit color.
Speed-up compared to C version compiled with -O3 187.28%
Patch by Marc Hoffman mmh A pleasantst P com
Original thread:
Date: May 9, 2007 2:46 AM...