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ffmpeg / libswscale / swscale-test.c @ e8723e24

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91cfeac6 03/04/2010 01:02 AM Stefano Sabatini

Revert r30825, it was not supposed to be committed.

127.32L to me, beware when using git svn dcommit for committing stuff
to svn...

Originally committed as revision 30827 to svn://

3fec44c6 03/04/2010 12:31 AM Stefano Sabatini

Make swscale-test take in input the name of the input and the output

Make swscale-test only perform the test from the input to the output
format rather than perform all.

Also implement, for performing all the tests.

Improve flexibility of the swscale-test tool, this way is simpler to...

7dac0c43 01/30/2010 01:31 PM Stefano Sabatini

Fix randomness of the swscale-test output.

See the thread:
Subject: [FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Make swscale-test perform only one convertion
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 01:52:23 +0100

Originally committed as revision 30457 to svn://

b51de6d8 01/27/2010 12:25 AM Stefano Sabatini

Rename swscale-example to swscale-test, to better reflect the intended
use of the program.

Originally committed as revision 30439 to svn://