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ffmpeg / libswscale / x86 / swscale_template.c @ 7f2ae5c7

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7f2ae5c7 04/15/2011 07:07 AM Janne Grunau

swscale: fix compilation with --enable-runtime-cpudetect

735bf195 04/14/2011 08:16 PM Josh Allmann

swscale: further cleanup swscale.c

Move x86-specific constants out of swscale.c

86330b4c 04/14/2011 08:16 PM Luca Barbato

swscale: partially move the arch specific code left

PPC and x86 code is split off from swscale_template.c. Lots of code is
still duplicated and should be removed later.

Again uniformize the init system to be more similar to the dsputil one.

Unset h*scale_fast in the x86 init in order to make the output...