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ffmpeg / libswscale / x86 / yuv2rgb_template.c @ 7f2ae5c7

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db46be01 04/11/2011 12:18 PM Diego Biurrun

Add unconditional return statement to yuva420_rgb32_MMX() / yuva420_bgr32_MMX().

When HAVE_7REGS was not defined these functions had an empty body
causing the following warnings during compilation.
In file included from libswscale/x86/yuv2rgb_mmx.c:58:
libswscale/x86/yuv2rgb_template.c: In function ‘yuva420_rgb32_MMX’:...

2912e87a 03/19/2011 01:33 PM Mans Rullgard

Replace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers

Signed-off-by: Mans Rullgard <>

870a6f40 05/30/2010 08:44 AM Diego Biurrun

Rename yuv2rgb_template2.c --> yuv2rgb_template.c now that the other is gone.

Originally committed as revision 31279 to svn://

531f97b0 05/30/2010 08:31 AM Diego Biurrun

Remove GPL-licensed YUV to RGB MMX routines.
We now have an LGPL replacement that is at least equally fast.

Originally committed as revision 31278 to svn://

a959e247 01/15/2010 08:51 AM Zuxy Meng

Const correctness for src pointer. Remove all constness related warnings in

Originally committed as revision 30306 to svn://

28b2866f 01/12/2010 07:03 PM David Conrad

/nop is illegal with Apple's older version of gas, this was fixed elsewhere
but not here since it was unused before now.

Originally committed as revision 30289 to svn://

845e37e7 01/12/2010 02:34 AM Zuxy Meng

Make sure that sfence is used after any non temporal stores.

Originally committed as revision 30287 to svn://

52c0fcaf 01/11/2010 08:21 AM Zuxy Meng

Avoid redefinition of RGB_PLANAR2PACKED24 as the template is included for
multiple times.

Originally committed as revision 30273 to svn://

23b0072a 01/09/2010 05:20 PM Zuxy Meng

MMX accelerated yuv420->rgb24 routine, trivial as essentially as it just
swaps R and B inputs for the existing yuv420->bgr24 routine.

Originally committed as revision 30254 to svn://

bb34acd8 01/07/2010 07:13 AM Zuxy Meng

Remove const to avoid a bunch of GCC warnings against discarded qualifiers and
incompatible pointer type.

Originally committed as revision 30234 to svn://

dd68318c 08/16/2009 09:11 PM Ramiro Polla

- Place curly brackets in the same line as while/for/if/switch/else/do;
- Place curly brackets at column 0 in the next line starting a function.

Originally committed as revision 29523 to svn://

562f6853 08/14/2009 02:15 AM Peter Schlaile

BGR32 MMX special convertor.
Patch by Peter Schlaile < peter at schlaile dot de >

Originally committed as revision 29515 to svn://

befa8e66 03/26/2009 01:30 AM Ramiro Polla

Move yuv2rgb code to subdirs.

Originally committed as revision 29063 to svn://