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ffmpeg / pktdumper.c @ 01f4895c

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2d216336 04/07/2005 04:52 PM François Revol

"don't quit" option to attach a debugger /check mem leaks
"no write" option to only get next packets

Originally committed as revision 4110 to svn://

15b34f63 03/16/2005 01:49 PM François Revol

s/\t/ /g for indentation fairies

Originally committed as revision 4047 to svn://

0fa04b7f 03/15/2005 11:52 PM François Revol

pktdumper debugging utility for demuxers. This tool dumps each AVPacket demuxed to a stamped file.
make pktdumper LDFLAGS='-Llibavformat/ -lavformat'

Originally committed as revision 4044 to svn://