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1609f668 10/31/2002 10:21 AM Michael Niedermayer

disabling compilation of .so if its not needed, gcc 3.1 seems to have problems with it

Originally committed as revision 7995 to svn://

9d947f19 10/29/2002 11:21 AM Michael Niedermayer

-fomit-frame-pointer is needed for the PIC code

Originally committed as revision 7957 to svn://

9c9e467d 10/28/2002 07:31 PM Michael Niedermayer

postprocessing cleanup:
remove opendivx #ifdefs
remove rk1 filter
remove unused / obsolete stuff
add -1,4,2,4,-1 deinterlacing filter (ffmpeg uses that)
threadsafe / no more non-const globals
some optimizations
different strides for Y,U,V possible
remove ebx usage (someone really should fix gcc, this is really lame)...

b77eec85 08/22/2002 11:29 PM Joey Parrish

removed -W -Wall -g and other gcc-specific warning/debug options
patch by Joey Parrish <>

Originally committed as revision 7074 to svn://

a28ea2c0 06/29/2002 03:01 PM Michael Niedermayer

colorspace converter tests (memory corruption tests at different width/src/dst)
quite impressive results only 1 of the 13 rgb->rgb converters fails for the c versions
... sadly only 1 of the mmx converters passes though :( ... i feared allready that last mplayerxp merge reversed the bugfixes :((((...

43d8c23c 11/26/2001 09:17 PM Michael Niedermayer

runtime cpu detection

Originally committed as revision 3144 to svn://

21810797 11/16/2001 07:13 PM Gabucino

postproc/ dir now respects --with-extraincdir
Now that I'm fixing configure1, here comes configure2 ehh ;)

Originally committed as revision 2928 to svn://

6611aa83 11/06/2001 11:22 AM Nick Kurshev

Move yuv2rgb to postprocess

Originally committed as revision 2733 to svn://

b234ae81 10/28/2001 10:17 AM Nick Kurshev

vo_vesa: rgb2rgb support

Originally committed as revision 2505 to svn://

44d01eea 10/24/2001 07:34 AM Nick Kurshev

Independed compilation of SUBDIRS

Originally committed as revision 2445 to svn://