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ffmpeg / postproc / cs_test.c @ 42225a30

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660204c6 01/13/2006 12:23 AM Diego Biurrun

Update licensing information: The FSF changed postal address.

Originally committed as revision 17368 to svn://

b2d374c9 11/14/2005 12:30 AM Diego Biurrun

Unify include paths, -I.. is in CFLAGS.

Originally committed as revision 16986 to svn://

a31de956 06/27/2004 12:07 AM Michael Niedermayer

altivec yuv->rgb converter
orginal patch by (Marc Hoffman <mmh at pleasantst dot com>)
critical fixes by (Reza Jelveh <reza.jelveh at tu-harburg dot de>)

known bugs/issues, which should be fixed ASAP by someone who has a ppc:
0..255 vs. 16..235
unneeded recalculation of tables...

77a416e8 10/04/2003 05:29 PM Gabucino

many small typo and grammar fixes
Based on Bernard Leak's mail <bernard 4t>

Originally committed as revision 11001 to svn://

b76ee469 05/23/2003 08:21 PM Alex Beregszaszi


Originally committed as revision 10174 to svn://

8f426088 06/29/2002 09:35 PM Michael Niedermayer

test new converter stuff too

Originally committed as revision 6608 to svn://

a28ea2c0 06/29/2002 03:01 PM Michael Niedermayer

colorspace converter tests (memory corruption tests at different width/src/dst)
quite impressive results only 1 of the 13 rgb->rgb converters fails for the c versions
... sadly only 1 of the mmx converters passes though :( ... i feared allready that last mplayerxp merge reversed the bugfixes :((((...