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5486f774 10/19/2001 05:03 PM Michael Niedermayer

more logic behavior if the altenative deblock filters are used (turning a alt filter on without turning the deblock filter on uses the alt filter instead of using no filter now)

Originally committed as revision 2301 to svn://

a0e8aca3 10/19/2001 01:56 PM Michael Niedermayer

added compiletime option to turn width%8==0 on

Originally committed as revision 2287 to svn://

658a85f2 10/19/2001 01:41 PM Michael Niedermayer

fixed a bug in the tmp buffer
fixed the color range for yuv
fixed the width 8!=0 bug (another 1 speed loss)

Originally committed as revision 2286 to svn://

acced553 10/17/2001 08:42 PM Michael Niedermayer

fixed the height%8!=0 bug
simplified a few things
removed last row variants of the deinterlace filters, they are not needed anymore
added cubic interpolating deinterlacer

Originally committed as revision 2247 to svn://

d4cb9e70 10/17/2001 02:04 AM Michael Niedermayer

quick fix for movies with a height which is not a multiple of 8

Originally committed as revision 2232 to svn://

a6be8111 10/16/2001 02:31 AM Michael Niedermayer

minor cleanups
median deinterlace in MMX
fixed typos

Originally committed as revision 2222 to svn://

3b58b885 10/15/2001 03:01 AM Michael Niedermayer

rewrote the horizontal lowpass filter to fix a bug which caused a blocky look
added deinterlace filters (linear interpolate, linear blend, median)
minor cleanups (removed some outcommented stuff)

Originally committed as revision 2204 to svn://

9ae0a66d 10/14/2001 05:11 PM Arpi

c++ fix

Originally committed as revision 2196 to svn://

e939e1c3 10/13/2001 03:53 PM Arpi

- TIMEING && MORE_TIMEING disabled by default
- private stuff moved to postprocess.c to avoid possible conflicts

Originally committed as revision 2190 to svn://

9a722af7 10/13/2001 03:36 PM Arpi

small changes for mplayer integration:
- getModeForQuality > getPpModeForQuality renamed
#define POSTPROCESS_H > NEWPOSTPROCESS_H (to avoid conflicts)
added #ifdef'ed code for calling old postprocess (for testing/comparison)
- #ifdef'ed some asm code to allow compilation on non-x86 platforms (untested)...

5b65f0df 10/13/2001 11:58 AM Michael Niedermayer

fixed a sig4 bug an non mmx2 cpus (in case of more sig4 errors please send me a "disassemble $eip-16 $eip+16" from gdb)

Originally committed as revision 2182 to svn://

79cccf70 10/13/2001 09:30 AM Michael Niedermayer

minor QP scaling & auto-contrast bugfix
fixed compilation problem without -fomit-frame-pointer

Originally committed as revision 2181 to svn://

9f45d04d 10/13/2001 02:31 AM Michael Niedermayer

fixed a rounding bug thing in the X1 Filter
changed the X1 Filter slightly to make flat blocks look like in the 9tap lpf
minor change to the -pp numbers & added decimal numbers in comments
new experimental horizontal deblocking filter

Originally committed as revision 2180 to svn://

67b4cf18 10/11/2001 11:28 PM Michael Niedermayer

final changes to convert to C

Originally committed as revision 2170 to svn://

d5a1a995 10/11/2001 10:35 PM Michael Niedermayer

bugfixes: last 3 lines not brightness/contrast corrected
brightness statistics messed up with initial black pic
changed initial values of the brightness statistics
C++ -> C conversation
QP range question solved (very likely 1<=QP<=32 according to arpi)
new experimental vertical deblocking filter...

13e00528 10/10/2001 10:21 PM Arpi

fixed a bug in the horizontal default filter
3dnow version of the Horizontal & Vertical Lowpass filters
mmx version of the Horizontal Default filter
mmx2 & C versions of a simple filter described in a paper from ramkishor & karan
added mode flags & quality2mode function...

3057fa66 10/10/2001 10:13 PM Arpi

new postprocess code by Michael Niedermayer ()

Originally committed as revision 2159 to svn://