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ffmpeg / postproc / yuv2rgb_altivec.c @ 6d606c4f

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582552fb 10/05/2004 07:11 PM Luca Barbato

postproc/yuv2rgb_altivec.c compile fix
yuv2rgb_altivec_init_tables does initialize the SwsContext vectors.
missing vec_splat.
patch by (Luca Barbato <lu_zero at gentoo dot org>) and (Romain Dolbeau <dolbeau at irisa dot fr>)

Originally committed as revision 13565 to svn://

95d45b1e 07/17/2004 08:53 AM Alex Beregszaszi

simplify the init

Originally committed as revision 12838 to svn://

84fdd642 07/17/2004 07:01 AM Alex Beregszaszi

some fixes

Originally committed as revision 12837 to svn://

a31de956 06/27/2004 12:07 AM Michael Niedermayer

altivec yuv->rgb converter
orginal patch by (Marc Hoffman <mmh at pleasantst dot com>)
critical fixes by (Reza Jelveh <reza.jelveh at tu-harburg dot de>)

known bugs/issues, which should be fixed ASAP by someone who has a ppc:
0..255 vs. 16..235
unneeded recalculation of tables...