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Added by Justin Ruggles almost 14 years ago

AC-3 decoder, soc revision 31, Jul 14 23:53:28 2006 UTC by cloud9
Removed _ from names
Removed temporary storage for the exponents
Removed ctx->samples
Now each transform coefficients are stored in audio block as an array of transform coefficients for each channel
added ctx->delay (output of later half of previous block)
added audio_block->block_output(output of this block)

I am still not able to produce the output.
I checked the code twice completely. I am not missing anything in
parsing or in bit allocation. Yet it throws error in getting transform
coefficients sometimes. Can anyone review a code of get_transform_coeffs and
help me debug it further. I think the error is in do_bit_allocation routine cuz
get_transform_coeffs is dependent on the bit allocation parameters table.

I have checked the bit allocation algorithm thoroughly and it is as defined in the
standard. Tried everything and got stuck where to go further.
Please help me.

Originally committed as revision 9653 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk


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