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TODO 3.86 KB 57639aa3 almost 14 years Michael Niedermayer unassigned imdct & windowing TODO Originally c...
avutil.txt 1.39 KB 755bfeab over 14 years Diego Biurrun misc spelling fixes Originally committed as re...
faq.texi 18.8 KB d9fe7eb3 about 13 years Víctor Paesa Fix spelling Originally committed as revision ...
ffmpeg-doc.texi 25.7 KB c27c66c3 over 13 years Benoit Fouet Add a space between frequencies and their units...
ffmpeg_powerpc_performance_evaluation_howto.txt 5.63 KB 7bb79b44 over 15 years Guillaume Poirier MONster is no longuer shipped with CHUD, as it'...
ffplay-doc.texi 2.7 KB 831ec935 over 13 years Diego Biurrun Run documentation through ispell, plus some min...
ffserver-doc.texi 9.66 KB c27c66c3 over 13 years Benoit Fouet Add a space between frequencies and their units...
ffserver.conf 8.46 KB 1c9ff179 over 13 years Stefano Sabatini Make the maximum number of simultaneous HTTP co...
general.texi 45.4 KB a56fbe2a about 13 years Diego Biurrun Revert adding controversial 'make checkheaders'...
hooks.texi 11.4 KB c1b7437a about 14 years Víctor Paesa The 'Video Filter API' is better known as 'liba...
issue_tracker.txt 7.32 KB 88a7a2dc almost 14 years Diego Biurrun wording improvement by the Wanderer Originally...
optimization.txt 7.67 KB be449fca over 13 years Diego Pettenò Convert asm keyword into __asm__. Neither the ...
snow.txt 20.9 KB ead6ebdd almost 14 years Mike Melanson Use a consistent capitalization for 'Snow' as d...
soc.txt 1.21 KB a67a96a0 over 15 years Diego Biurrun editorial changes Originally committed as revi...
swscale.txt 4.59 KB 4d6a1161 over 13 years Diego Biurrun small wording fixes Originally committed as re... 11.8 KB 5509bffa about 16 years Diego Biurrun Update licensing information: The FSF changed p...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
a56fbe2a 10/29/2008 10:51 PM Diego Biurrun

Revert adding controversial 'make checkheaders' item to the development policy.

Originally committed as revision 15743 to svn://

2cdba8bf 10/29/2008 06:48 AM Diego Biurrun

Add 'make checkheaders' to developer guidelines and patch checklist.

Originally committed as revision 15741 to svn://

485ec4f1 10/27/2008 02:16 PM Aurelien Jacobs set correct number of fractions for multitable
fixes the following warning:
  • too much @tab (multitable has only 4 column(s)) (l. 443)

Originally committed as revision 15729 to svn://

bd3151f2 10/25/2008 09:08 AM Diego Biurrun

Add subtitle format section.

Originally committed as revision 15703 to svn://

9ff0c388 10/25/2008 08:53 AM Diego Biurrun

cosmetics: Slightly update MP3 support entry.

Originally committed as revision 15702 to svn://

82ced5a9 10/25/2008 08:51 AM Diego Biurrun

Mark formats requiring external libs with an 'E' in the format support tables.

Originally committed as revision 15701 to svn://

3f33271a 10/25/2008 08:44 AM Diego Biurrun

Add GSM into list of supported audio codecs.

Originally committed as revision 15700 to svn://

360f980b 10/25/2008 08:41 AM Diego Biurrun

cosmetics: Uniformize external library comments.

Originally committed as revision 15699 to svn://

f6958006 10/25/2008 06:59 AM David Conrad

Documentation and changelog update for libspeex decoding

Originally committed as revision 15698 to svn://

0f898714 10/23/2008 02:39 PM Diego Biurrun

Add information about a workaround for MinGW gcc versions.
based on a patch by Art Clarke, aclarke vlideshow com

Originally committed as revision 15670 to svn://

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