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Added by Michael Niedermayer over 10 years ago

Merge remote branch 'qatar/master'

  • qatar/master:
    vorbisdec: Rename silly "class_" variable to plain "class".
    simple_idct_alpha: Drop some useless casts.
    Simplify av_log_missing_feature().
    ac3enc: remove check for mismatching channels and channel_layout
    If AVCodecContext.channels is 0 and AVCodecContext.channel_layout is non-zero, set channels based on channel_layout.
    If AVCodecContext.channel_layout and AVCodecContext.channels are both non-zero, check to make sure they do not contradict eachother.
    cosmetics: indentation
    Check AVCodec.supported_samplerates and AVCodec.channel_layouts in avcodec_open().
    aacdec: remove sf_scale and sf_offset.
    aacdec: use a scale of 2 in the LTP MDCT rather than doubling the coefficient table values from the spec.
    Define POW_SF2_ZERO in aac.h and use for ff_aac_pow2sf_tabp[] offsets instead of hardcoding 200 everywhere.
    Large intensity stereo and PNS indices are legal. Clip them instead of erroring out. A magnitude of 100 corresponds to 2^25 so the will most likely result in clipped output anyway.
    qpeg: use reget_buffer() in decode_frame()
    ultimotion: use reget_buffer() in ulti_decode_frame()
    smacker: remove unnecessary call to avctx->release_buffer in decode_frame()
    avparser: don't av_malloc(0).

Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>


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