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Makefile 381 Bytes 997baf01 over 14 years Måns Rullgård allow spaces in source and build directory name...
TODO 3.83 KB c4732eca over 14 years Baptiste Coudurier update Originally committed as revision 8182 t...
avutil.txt 1.39 KB eafcac6a over 14 years Diego Biurrun cosmetics: Fix another common typo, dependAnt -...
faq.texi 13.7 KB 7c1ebf17 about 14 years Diego Biurrun typo/grammar Originally committed as revision ...
ffmpeg-doc.texi 58.8 KB 10e26bc7 about 14 years Benjamin Larsson Atrac3 decoder. Originally committed as revisi...
ffmpeg_powerpc_performance_evaluation_howto.txt 5.63 KB 7bb79b44 almost 15 years Guillaume Poirier MONster is no longuer shipped with CHUD, as it'...
ffplay-doc.texi 2.5 KB 05e894bc over 14 years Limin Wang Explain a few more options that were recently a...
ffserver-doc.texi 7.86 KB 115329f1 over 15 years Diego Biurrun COSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace. Ori...
ffserver.conf 8.17 KB 115329f1 over 15 years Diego Biurrun COSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace. Ori...
hooks.texi 9.77 KB 289a8e4d over 14 years Piero Bugoni Add watermark and drawtext descriptions, plus s...
optimization.txt 5.24 KB 20e570c8 over 14 years Guillaume Poirier links to ARM optimization manuals Originally c...
snow.txt 6.88 KB 24dbec7c over 14 years Luca Barbato typo fixed Originally committed as revision 81...
soc.txt 1.21 KB a67a96a0 almost 15 years Diego Biurrun editorial changes Originally committed as revi... 11.8 KB 5509bffa over 15 years Diego Biurrun Update licensing information: The FSF changed p...

Latest revisions

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10e26bc7 04/17/2007 08:53 PM Benjamin Larsson

Atrac3 decoder.

Originally committed as revision 8747 to svn://

442d1598 04/17/2007 02:06 PM Reimar Döffinger

Fix the most obvious typos in the development policy doc section

Originally committed as revision 8746 to svn://

dd597cd7 04/17/2007 01:07 PM Michael Niedermayer

patch submission checklist

Originally committed as revision 8745 to svn://

b092d033 04/17/2007 08:37 AM Benoit Fouet

add a commit-rule precision when applying patches discussed on the mailing list

Originally committed as revision 8744 to svn://

4f99f932 04/15/2007 07:45 PM Diego Biurrun

Mention configure parameters for enabling AMR.

Originally committed as revision 8743 to svn://

a15bcf70 04/13/2007 11:36 PM Michael Niedermayer

one patch one mail

Originally committed as revision 8728 to svn://

7bb93206 04/12/2007 11:15 AM Diego Biurrun

Add a note about how to enable external libraries.

Originally committed as revision 8721 to svn://

ef4e31d4 04/12/2007 11:07 AM Diego Biurrun


Originally committed as revision 8719 to svn://

6056c939 04/12/2007 11:05 AM Diego Biurrun

Update AMR instructions for last round of changes.

Originally committed as revision 8718 to svn://

8e952e4d 04/07/2007 09:34 PM Anssi Hannula

CRYO APC demuxer
patch by Anssi Hannula, anssi.hannula gmail com

Originally committed as revision 8656 to svn://

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