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Added by Michael Niedermayer about 14 years ago

1000000l for me ive misstakely reverted the regression checksum change from r8444 in r8486
how did i succeed doing such a ridiculously silly thing? well i think it happened like:
1. verifying that the regression tests pass with old resample2.c
2. updating the regressions to the new resample2.c ... failed svn complained
3. svn up
4. updating the regressions to the new resample2.c success (r8485)

at that point everything was still ok

5. some more resample2.c work update regressions, read diff, commit (r8486)

my misstake was that the svn up at point 3 was run in tests/ -> iam an idiot

Originally committed as revision 8489 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk


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