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Added by Ronald S. Bultje almost 11 years ago

Rename h264_idct_sse2.asm to h264_idct.asm; move inline IDCT asm from
h264dsp_mmx.c to h264_idct.asm (as yasm code). Because the loops are now
coded in asm instead of C, this is (depending on the function) up to 50%
faster for cases where gcc didn't do a great job at looping.

Since h264_idct_add8() is now faster than the manual loop setup in h264.c,
in-asm idct calling can now be enabled for chroma as well (see r16207). For
MMX, this is 5% faster. For SSE2 (which isn't done for chroma if h264.c does
the looping), this makes it up to 50% faster. Speed gain overall is ~0.5-1.0%.

Originally committed as revision 25119 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk


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