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  doc 4b44538c over 20 years Fabrice Bellard update Originally committed as revision 145 t...
  libav 4972b26f over 20 years Fabrice Bellard changed audio and video grab interface (simpler...
  libavcodec 2f349de2 almost 20 years Michael Niedermayer (commit by michael) mmx & mmx2 quantizer c dct ...
  postproc fd284805 almost 20 years Michael Niedermayer minor bugfix in the -v output Originally commi...
Changelog 6.48 KB 644d98a4 about 20 years Juanjo - Preliminary RTP friendly mode for H.263. - GO...
INSTALL 218 Bytes de6d9b64 over 20 years Fabrice Bellard Initial revision Originally committed as revi...
Makefile 1.14 KB cabad2ad about 20 years Zdenek Kabelac * dependency for static linking Originally com...
README 2.26 KB 85f07f22 over 20 years Fabrice Bellard merge Originally committed as revision 6 to s...
VERSION 5 Bytes 0fd94442 about 20 years Nick Kurshev Shared objects support Originally committed as...
bswap.h 2.14 KB afe92c63 over 20 years Nick Kurshev Fixed one lack Originally committed as revisi...
configure 4.71 KB 91d1f1a4 about 20 years Nick Kurshev Alpha optimizations by Falk Hueffner <falk.huef...
ffmpeg.c 60.6 KB a38469e1 over 20 years Fabrice Bellard unified grab & convertion loops (should be easi...
ffmpeg.dsp 4.26 KB 10445270 over 20 years Fabrice Bellard added win32 vc6 project files Originally comm...
ffmpeg.dsw 1.03 KB 10445270 over 20 years Fabrice Bellard added win32 vc6 project files Originally comm...
ffserver.c 48.6 KB 63bdb086 over 20 years Fabrice Bellard fixed prototype change Originally committed a...
mangle.h 456 Bytes 4bdd9157 about 20 years Nick Kurshev Cygwin's mangling by Felix Buenemann <atmosfear...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
2f349de2 01/27/2002 01:30 PM Michael Niedermayer

(commit by michael)
mmx & mmx2 quantizer
c dct permutation bugfix
dont copy input on intra only encodings if it can be avoided
dont draw edges on intra only stuff

Originally committed as revision 281 to svn://

580b82fa 01/26/2002 12:22 AM Arpi

(m)jpeg pad/flush with 1 instead of 0, fix by Rik Snel <>

Originally committed as revision 280 to svn://

2ddeed44 01/24/2002 07:06 PM Michael Niedermayer

(commit by michael)
motion-estimation on width/height not divisable through 16 files bugfix

Originally committed as revision 279 to svn://

d2b3c3d7 01/24/2002 03:25 PM Michael Niedermayer

(commit by michael)
dc coeff isnt dequantized (bug reported by falk hueffner)

Originally committed as revision 278 to svn://

4e3269e8 01/24/2002 02:34 PM Michael Niedermayer

(commit by michael)
quantizer range bugfix (mpeg1 & mpeg4 encoding)

Originally committed as revision 277 to svn://

fd284805 01/22/2002 03:54 PM Michael Niedermayer

minor bugfix in the -v output

Originally committed as revision 4305 to svn://

5521b193 01/21/2002 10:11 PM Michael Niedermayer

15/16 bit dithering in C (5% slower, can be disabled by comenting #define DITHER1XBPP out)
x/yInc bugfix (bug was introduced during the global var removial)
more emms & no messing with ARCH_X86 (=workaround against not cleared mmx state somewhere)
sharpening filter (-ssf cs=<int> & -ssf ls=<int>)...

fe8054c0 01/21/2002 06:32 PM Michael Niedermayer

copyright(swscaler) = GPL

Originally committed as revision 4296 to svn://

c7997007 01/21/2002 05:46 PM Nick Kurshev

Small simple idct improvement for Alpha by Falk Hueffner <>

Originally committed as revision 276 to svn://

5cebb24b 01/21/2002 03:22 PM Michael Niedermayer

a few filters (should be removed/merged when arpis videofilter stuff is finished)
-ssf cgb=<float> -> chrominance gaussian blur (nice to improve picture quality)
-ssf lgb=<float> -> luminance gaussian blur (dunno what its good for)
-ssf chs=<int> -> shift chrominance horizontally...

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FFmpeg - (c) 2000,2001 Gerard Lantau. 1) Introduction --------------- ffmpeg is a hyper fast realtime audio/video encoder, a streaming server and a generic audio and video file converter. It can grab from a standard Video4Linux video source and convert it into several file formats based on DCT/motion compensation encoding. Sound is compressed in MPEG audio layer 2 or using an AC3 compatible stream. What makes ffmpeg interesting ? - Innovative streaming technology : multiformat, real time encoding, simple configuration. - Simple and efficient video encoder: outputs MPEG1, H263, Real Video(tm), MPEG4, DIVX and MJPEG compatible bitstreams using the same encoder core. - Real time encoding (25 fps in 352x288 on a K6 500) using the video4linux API. - Generates I and P frames, which means it is far better than a MJPEG encoder. - Hyper fast MPEG audio layer 2 compression (50 times faster than realtime on a K6 500). - Hyper fast AC3 compatible encoder. - simple and very small portable C source code, easy to understand and to modify. It be may the smallest decent MPEG encoder :-) - optional non real time higher quality encoding (different motion estimators available). - Audio and Video decoders are in development. ffmpeg is made of two programs: * ffmpeg: soft VCR which encodes in real time to several formats. It can also encode from any supported input file format to any input supported format. * ffserver: high performance live broadcast streaming server based on the ffmpeg core encoders. 2) Documentation ---------------- * Read doc/ffmpeg.txt and doc/ffserver.txt to learn the basic features. * Read doc/TODO to know what are the know bugs and missing features. * Read doc/ if you want to contribute or use the codec or format libraries. 3) Licensing: ------------ * See the file COPYING. ffmpeg and the associated library are licensed under the GNU General Public License. I may change the license of libavcodec and libav to LGPL if many people ask it (and if they submit good patches!). * This code should be patent free since it is very simple. I took care to use the same video encoder/decoder core for all formats to show that they really ARE THE SAME except for the encoding huffman codes. Gerard Lantau (

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