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    @tab Audio format used in some games by CRYO Interactive Entertainment.
82 82
@item D-Cinema audio            @tab X @tab X
83 83
@item Deluxe Paint Animation    @tab   @tab X
@item DFA                       @tab   @tab X
    @tab This format is used in Chronomaster game
84 86
@item DV video                  @tab X @tab X
85 87
@item DXA                       @tab   @tab X
86 88
    @tab This format is used in the non-Windows version of the Feeble Files
371 373
@item Cirrus Logic AccuPak   @tab     @tab  X
372 374
    @tab fourcc: CLJR
373 375
@item Creative YUV (CYUV)    @tab     @tab  X
@item DFA                    @tab     @tab  X
    @tab Codec used in Chronomaster game.
374 378
@item Dirac                  @tab  E  @tab  E
375 379
    @tab supported through external libdirac/libschroedinger libraries
376 380
@item Deluxe Paint Animation @tab     @tab  X

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