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Added by Michael Niedermayer about 10 years ago

Merge remote branch 'qatar/master'

  • qatar/master: (22 commits)
    ac3enc: move extract_exponents inner loop to ac3dsp
    avio: deprecate url_get_filename().
    avio: deprecate url_max_packet_size().
    avio: make url_get_file_handle() internal.
    avio: make url_filesize() internal.
    avio: make url_close() internal.
    avio: make url_seek() internal.
    avio: cosmetics, move AVSEEK_SIZE/FORCE declarations together
    avio: make url_write() internal.
    avio: make url_read_complete() internal.
    avio: make url_read() internal.
    avio: make url_open() internal.
    avio: make url_connect internal.
    avio: make url_alloc internal.
    applehttp: Merge two for loops
    applehttp: Restructure the demuxer to use a custom AVIOContext
    applehttp: Move finished and target_duration to the variant struct
    aacenc: reduce the number of loop index variables
    avio: deprecate url_open_protocol
    avio: deprecate url_poll and URLPollEntry


Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>


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