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APIchanges 1.57 KB c8f742ca over 11 years Diego Biurrun The Mersenne Twister PRNG was removed, mention ...
TODO 3.86 KB 57639aa3 over 12 years Michael Niedermayer unassigned imdct & windowing TODO Originally c...
avutil.txt 1.39 KB 755bfeab over 13 years Diego Biurrun misc spelling fixes Originally committed as re...
faq.texi 18.6 KB b250f9c6 almost 12 years Aurelien Jacobs Change semantic of CONFIG_*, HAVE_* and ARCH_*....
ffmpeg-doc.texi 26.6 KB c73d3996 over 11 years Stefano Sabatini Add an example showing how to create a video fr...
ffmpeg_powerpc_performance_evaluation_howto.txt 5.63 KB 7bb79b44 about 14 years Guillaume Poirier MONster is no longuer shipped with CHUD, as it'...
ffplay-doc.texi 3.62 KB 4b037567 almost 12 years Stefano Sabatini Document ffplay -ast, -vst, and -sst options. ...
ffserver-doc.texi 9.66 KB c27c66c3 about 12 years Benoit Fouet Add a space between frequencies and their units...
ffserver.conf 8.46 KB 1c9ff179 over 12 years Stefano Sabatini Make the maximum number of simultaneous HTTP co...
general.texi 55.4 KB d95a0c67 over 11 years Diego Biurrun Move output_example.c --> libavformat/output-ex...
issue_tracker.txt 7.34 KB c9e73264 almost 12 years Diego Biurrun Roundup now works from a domain as w...
optimization.txt 7.67 KB 0fa5f24c almost 12 years Diego Biurrun Change references to wh...
rate_distortion.txt 2.05 KB 52760ed7 over 11 years Michael Niedermayer The definition of rate and distortion is not co...
snow.txt 20.9 KB ead6ebdd almost 13 years Mike Melanson Use a consistent capitalization for 'Snow' as d...
soc.txt 1.21 KB a67a96a0 over 14 years Diego Biurrun editorial changes Originally committed as revi...
swscale.txt 4.59 KB 4d6a1161 about 12 years Diego Biurrun small wording fixes Originally committed as re... 11.8 KB 5509bffa almost 15 years Diego Biurrun Update licensing information: The FSF changed p...
viterbi.txt 2.7 KB dc7d978a almost 12 years Michael Niedermayer Quick description of the Viterbi algorithm so I...

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52760ed7 03/30/2009 10:39 AM Michael Niedermayer

The definition of rate and distortion is not conditional of lambda being
fixed (at least the current text sounded odd to me).

Originally committed as revision 18244 to svn://

d95a0c67 03/27/2009 12:01 AM Diego Biurrun

Move output_example.c --> libavformat/output-example.c.
The libavformat directory is a better place for a libavformat API example.

Originally committed as revision 18199 to svn://

c8f742ca 03/25/2009 10:18 AM Diego Biurrun

The Mersenne Twister PRNG was removed, mention replacement.

Originally committed as revision 18183 to svn://

889cdae8 03/25/2009 10:12 AM Diego Biurrun

cosmetics: Reformat paragraphs and other cosmetic changes.

Originally committed as revision 18182 to svn://

effcedf7 03/20/2009 05:23 PM Daniel Verkamp

PCX encoder that handles 1-, 8-, and 24-bpp pixfmts.

Patch by Daniel Verkamp, daniel drv nu

Originally committed as revision 18077 to svn://

23d9cc45 03/19/2009 09:46 PM Ramiro Polla

Support raw TrueHD files

Originally committed as revision 18049 to svn://

9ba4821d 03/19/2009 09:23 PM Ramiro Polla

Split TrueHD decoder from MLP

Originally committed as revision 18045 to svn://

23869b4a 03/19/2009 01:04 AM Diego Biurrun

Fix copy and paste typo in input/output devices section.

Originally committed as revision 18039 to svn://

fa3f2a35 03/18/2009 07:55 AM Diego Biurrun

Add list of supported input/output devices.

Originally committed as revision 18029 to svn://

000bbebb 03/18/2009 07:49 AM Diego Biurrun

Adjust @columnfractions settings to reflect the number of columns in the table.

Originally committed as revision 18028 to svn://

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