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Revision 563fe360

Parent 73a502dd, d7e5aeba
Child 0b3a88fe

Added by Michael Niedermayer about 10 years ago

Merge commit 'd7e5aeb' into oldabi

  • commit 'd7e5aeb': (24 commits)
    Fix runtime CPU detection in libswscale.
    ac3enc: correct the flipped sign in the ac3_fixed encoder
    Eliminate pointless '#if 1' statements without matching '#else'.
    Add AVX FFT implementation.
    Increase alignment of av_malloc() as needed by AVX ASM.
    Update x86inc.asm from x264 to allow AVX emulation using SSE and MMX.
    mjpeg: Detect overreads in mjpeg_decode_scan() and error out.
    documentation: extend documentation for ffmpeg -aspect option
    APIChanges: update commit hashes for recent additions.
    lavc: deprecate FF_*_TYPE macros in favor of AV_PICTURE_TYPE_* enums
    aac: add headers needed for log2f()
    lavc: remove FF_API_MB_Q cruft
    lavc: remove FF_API_RATE_EMU cruft
    lavc: remove FF_API_HURRY_UP cruft
    pad: make the filter parametric
    vsrc_movie: add key_frame and pict_type.
    vsrc_movie: fix leak in request_frame()
    lavfi: add key_frame and pict_type to AVFilterBufferRefVideo.
    vsrc_buffer: add sample_aspect_ratio fields to arguments.
    lavfi: add fieldorder filter


Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>


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