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1 de6d9b64 Fabrice Bellard
2 6dffc88d Diego Biurrun
1) Type './configure' to create the configuration. A list of configure
options is printed by running 'configure --help'.
4 23642d8e Fabrice Bellard
5 6dffc88d Diego Biurrun
'configure' can be launched from a directory different from the FFmpeg
sources to build the objects out of tree. To do this, use an absolute
path when launching 'configure', e.g. '/ffmpegdir/ffmpeg/configure'.
8 de6d9b64 Fabrice Bellard
9 3d4fc610 Diego Biurrun
2) Then type 'make' to build FFmpeg. GNU Make 3.81 or later is required.
10 de6d9b64 Fabrice Bellard
11 6dffc88d Diego Biurrun
3) Type 'make install' to install all binaries and libraries you built.