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  doc 4e33b83b over 19 years Philip Gladstone Added Launch, FaviconURL and Redirect examples ...
  libav 3a2d0447 over 19 years Philip Gladstone Make sure that the http_proxy environment varia...
  libavcodec 6d5bf534 over 19 years Fabrice Bellard added missing externs Originally committed as ...
  postproc 8cd91a44 over 19 years Alex Beregszaszi applied 64bit patch from Ulrich Hecht <uli at s...
  tests 5845431a over 19 years Zdenek Kabelac * added dependency on dsputil_mmx_rnd.h for dsp...
.cvsignore 56 Bytes 1ac9248b over 19 years Zdenek Kabelac * cleanup Originally committed as revision 422...
COPYING 25.8 KB 6394a288 over 19 years Fabrice Bellard added license Originally committed as revision...
Changelog 6.7 KB a31e01c5 over 19 years Fabrice Bellard updated Originally committed as revision 582 t...
INSTALL 426 Bytes 23642d8e over 19 years Fabrice Bellard add more info about new configure features Ori...
Makefile 1.61 KB a1b63811 over 19 years Fabrice Bellard license/copyright change - use consistent libra...
README 2.14 KB 17048ca8 over 19 years Fabrice Bellard license/copyright change Originally committed ...
VERSION 5 Bytes 816d7ff5 over 19 years Nick Kurshev version info for so too Originally committed a...
configure 9.44 KB 1eb2212e over 19 years Fabrice Bellard mpegaudio decoder is in high precision mode by ...
ffmpeg.c 68.6 KB cb09b2ed over 19 years Philip Gladstone * Go faster stripes: don't check to see if the ...
ffserver.c 81.2 KB 31def229 over 19 years Philip Gladstone * Bad buffer management bug. Forgot to take car...

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6d5bf534 06/04/2002 12:53 PM Fabrice Bellard

added missing externs

Originally committed as revision 658 to svn://

39825f31 06/03/2002 05:35 PM Zdenek Kabelac
  • reimplemented remaing avg_ pixel functions
  • modified PAVGB mmx macro to select mmx register with FE constant

Originally committed as revision 657 to svn://

d3cd0742 06/03/2002 05:31 PM Zdenek Kabelac
  • implemented remaing avg_ pixel functions (these are not used offen)

Originally committed as revision 656 to svn://

e7650bec 06/03/2002 02:44 PM Falk Hüffner

Revert previous bogus warning fix.

Originally committed as revision 655 to svn://

20695ec9 06/03/2002 11:16 AM Falk Hüffner

Minor warning cleanup.

Originally committed as revision 654 to svn://

8696b636 06/03/2002 07:58 AM Nick Kurshev

use qstride instead of fixed constants

Originally committed as revision 653 to svn://

ae72cda6 06/03/2002 07:01 AM Nick Kurshev

new field for communicating with external postprocessing

Originally committed as revision 652 to svn://

4136dd24 06/02/2002 10:08 PM Michael Niedermayer

100l divx501+ seeking bugfix

Originally committed as revision 651 to svn://

bc45bca3 06/02/2002 04:06 PM Felix Bünemann

gcc 3.1 warning fix (patch by Felix Buenemann <atmosfear at>)

Originally committed as revision 650 to svn://

90864f27 06/02/2002 03:49 PM D Richard Felker III

10l found&patch by D Richard Felker III <dalias at>

Originally committed as revision 649 to svn://

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1) Introduction --------------- ffmpeg is a hyper fast realtime audio/video encoder, a streaming server and a generic audio and video file converter. It can grab from a standard Video4Linux video source and convert it into several file formats based on DCT/motion compensation encoding. Sound is compressed in MPEG audio layer 2 or using an AC3 compatible stream. What makes ffmpeg interesting ? - Innovative streaming technology : multiformat, real time encoding, simple configuration. - Simple and efficient video encoder: outputs MPEG1, H263, Real Video(tm), MPEG4, DIVX and MJPEG compatible bitstreams using the same encoder core. - Real time encoding (25 fps in 352x288 on a K6 500) using the video4linux API. - Generates I and P frames, which means it is far better than a MJPEG encoder. - Hyper fast MPEG audio layer 2 compression (50 times faster than realtime on a K6 500). - Hyper fast AC3 compatible encoder. - simple and very small portable C source code, easy to understand and to modify. It be may the smallest decent MPEG encoder :-) - optional non real time higher quality encoding (different motion estimators available). - Audio and Video decoders are in development. ffmpeg is made of two programs: * ffmpeg: soft VCR which encodes in real time to several formats. It can also encode from any supported input file format to any input supported format. * ffserver: high performance live broadcast streaming server based on the ffmpeg core encoders. 2) Documentation ---------------- * Read doc/ffmpeg.txt and doc/ffserver.txt to learn the basic features. * Read doc/TODO to know what are the know bugs and missing features. * Read doc/ if you want to contribute or use the codec or format libraries. 3) Licensing: ------------ * See the file COPYING. ffmpeg and the associated library EXCEPT liba52 are licensed under the Lesser GNU General Public License. liba52 is distributed under the GNU General Public License. * This code should be patent free since it is very simple. I took care to use the same video encoder/decoder core for all formats to show that they really are mostly the same. Fabrice Bellard.

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