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Revision ac2570a8

Parent 4f52c312
Child 4fd12598

Added by Michael Niedermayer over 17 years ago

flac fixes:
fix data types of residual&decoded
fix twos complement bitfields
fix utf8 (no, utf8 is not the same as the simple and compact uvlc used in nut)
add truncated bitstream support, both ogg and flac demuxers in mplayer cvs provide incomplete frames, and furthermore it isnt possible to find frameboundaries in flac without decoding it completly
add escape-less golomb rice decoder (=flac style golomb rice) (ultra efficient, the longest vlc code is just 2^32-1 bits)
fix bps for non independant channels
fix a few +-1 bugs
fix sample order for independant channels
fix data_size

Originally committed as revision 2791 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk


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