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Added by Mike Scheutzow over 10 years ago

streamid does not work with newaudio, newvideo, newsubtitle

fixes issue2465.

The problem is that the ffmpeg (the app) -streamid option did not work
with -newaudio/-newvideo/-newsubtitle.

The cause was a conflict between the feature where streamid values were
reset to default for each output filename, and the implementation of
-new*, which requires that the -new* option be specified after the
target filename.

My patch changes the ffmpeg behavior so that user-specified streamid
values apply to all the following output files on the command line
(rather than just the next output filename.)

Signed-off-by: Janne Grunau <>
(cherry picked from commit 20ac9de3df9b129a4a312d626fed0e2bbb760200)


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