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Added by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram almost 11 years ago

Generalize pixel format enum fields to int formats.

This is needed to make the libavfilter framework work with audio

In particular add a type field to AVFilterLink, change the field types:
enum PixelFormat format -> int format in AVFilterBuffer
enum PixelFormat *formats -> int *formats in AVFilterFormats
enum PixelFormat *format -> int format in AVFilterLink

and change the function signatures:
AVFilterFormats *avfilter_make_format_list(const enum PixelFormat *pix_fmts); ->
AVFilterFormats *avfilter_make_format_list(const int *fmts);

int avfilter_add_colorspace(AVFilterFormats **avff, enum PixelFormat pix_fmt); ->
int avfilter_add_format(AVFilterFormats **avff, int fmt);

AVFilterFormats *avfilter_all_colorspaces(void); ->
AVFilterFormats *avfilter_all_formats(enum AVMediaType type);

This change breaks libavfilter API/ABI.

Patch by S.N. Hemanth Meenakshisundaram |smeenaks|ucsd|edu|.

Originally committed as revision 24424 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk


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