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Revision c4079844

Parent c9678600, fd0c3403
Child 2d2b5a14

Added by Michael Niedermayer about 10 years ago

Merge remote branch 'qatar/master'

  • qatar/master:
    ac3dec: fix processing of delta bit allocation information.
    vc1: fix fate-vc1 after previous commit.
    wmv3dec: fix playback of complex WMV3 files using simple_idct.
    make av_dup_packet() more cautious on allocation failures
    make containers pass palette change in AVPacket
    introduce side information for AVPacket

Politic commits that have not been pulled:
Update regtest checksums after revision 6001dad.
Replace more FFmpeg references by Libav.
Replace references to ffmpeg-devel with libav-devel; fix roundup URL.

Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>


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