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Added by Michael Niedermayer about 10 years ago

Merge remote branch 'qatar/master'

  • qatar/master: (32 commits)
    libopencore-amr, libvo-amrwbenc: Allow enabling DTX via private AVOptions
    libopencore-amr, libvo-amrwbenc: Only check the bitrate when changed
    libopencore-amr, libvo-amrwbenc: Find the closest matching bitrate
    libvo-*: Fix up the long codec names
    libavcodec: Mark AVCodec->priv_class const
    swscale: Factorize FAST_BGR2YV12 definition.
    libvo-aacenc: Only produce extradata if the global header flag is set
    lavf: postpone removal of public metadata conversion API
    lavc: postpone removal of request_channels
    lavc: postpone removal of audioconvert and sample_fmt wrappers
    lavf: postpone removal of deprecated avio functions
    libopencore-amr: Cosmetics: Rewrap and align
    libopencore-amr, libvo-amrbwenc: Rename variables and functions
    libopencore-amr: Convert commented out debug logging into av_dlog
    libopencore-amr: Remove an unused state variable
    libvo-amrwbenc: Don't explicitly store bitrate modes in the bitrate table
    libopencore-amr: Remove a useless local variable
    libopencore-amr, libvo-amrwbenc: Make the bitrate/mode mapping array static const
    libopencore-amr, libvo-amrwbenc: Return proper error codes in most places
    libopencore-amr: Don't print carriage returns in log messages


Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>


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