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Added by Philip Gladstone over 19 years ago

  • New stuff and bug fixes:
  • Change to dynamically allocated buffers. Should reduce memory footprint significantly
    as well as eliminate a call to av_abort!
  • Better version of WMP rate switching infrastructure. Currently turned off till
    the PTS fixes are in.
  • Added a Redirect type feature. This allows URLs served by ffserver to just
    redirect to somewhere else. You might want to do this. Really this needs to
    be enhanced -- say to handle all 404 pages.
  • Add mechanism to automatically fire up ffmpeg on ffserver start. This is turned
    on by adding the Launch keyword to the <feed> definition.
  • Add logic to take care of non-wmp user agents requesting .asf files. They now get
    a [reference] file with an appropriate mime type. This fixes the mplayer problem.
  • Make sure that we have a large buffer for the stats page.
  • Add a FaviconURL keyword to the status stream definition. If set, then it
    generates the appropriate HTML so that IE and Mozilla will display the favicon
    as appropriate. OK -- this is a pretty random feature.
  • If the ffmpeg is running as a child of ffserver, then report it's CPU usage
    on the status page. [This is linux only -- maybe somebody could do the work for
    another OS. The tricky thing is getting the 'ps' command right.]

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