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1 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
Google Summer of Code and similar project guidelines
2 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
3 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
Summer of Code is a project by Google in which students are paid to implement
4 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
some nice new features for various participating open source projects ...
6 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
This text is a collection of things to take care of for the next soc as
it's a little late for this year's soc (2006).
8 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
The Goal:
Our goal in respect to soc is and must be of course exactly one thing and
that is to improve FFmpeg, to reach this goal, code must
12 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
* conform to the svn policy and patch submission guidelines
* must improve FFmpeg somehow (faster, smaller, "better",
14 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
  more codecs supported, fewer bugs, cleaner, ...)
for mentors and other developers to help students to reach that goal it is
17 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
essential that changes to their codebase are publicly visible, clean and
18 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
easy reviewable that again leads us to:
* use of a revision control system like svn
20 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
* separation of cosmetic from non-cosmetic changes (this is almost entirely
21 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
  ignored by mentors and students in soc 2006 which might lead to a suprise
  when the code will be reviewed at the end before a possible inclusion in
23 a67a96a0 Diego Biurrun
  FFmpeg, individual changes were generally not reviewable due to cosmetics).
24 4f9807d8 Michael Niedermayer
* frequent commits, so that comments can be provided early